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Raw water puts your clothes through a vicious cycle. Hardness impurities create obstacles to effective cleaning of your clothes. To overcome those obstacles, detergent manufacturers are using chemicals that are increasingly harsh. Then you even need to add "fabric softener" to make naturally-soft cotton soft again! The costs continue to mount.

Yet those same chemicals get trapped into the fibers of your clothes by those same hardness impurities! Those fibers are then baked in the dryer, where they become brittle and break off during the drying cycle. (Ever wonder where "lint" comes from?) Your clothes fade and wear out up to 30% faster! If you don't

use harsh chemicals, your clothes don't clean well in raw water - but the more chemicals you use, the faster your clothes wear out - you feel trapped!

It doesn't have to be that way!

With AQUAtiva treated water, you can use the phenomenal cleaning power that water has - when the water itself is clean! With a fraction of the detergent you now use, your clothes can become cleaner, brighter, softer - without chemicals, and without excessive wear and tear. Think about it - clothes cleaned gently and naturally, with simple soaps, not harsh chemicals. Isn't that what your valuable clothes deserve?

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    Here are the Facts
According to a study by Purdue University, clothing life is extended by 15% when using treated water vs. hard water.
  What people are saying about AQUAtiva

"Our clothes are clean and we don't even use bleach."
Graham Minter,
Momence, IL

"We really like our AQUAtiva system. Our water tastes so much better. Our clothes are a lot brighter and fluffier now."
Ifrain Morin,
Joliet, IL

"We love our AQUAtiva system. Our clothes are cleaner and we use less soap. It was the best decision we ever made. Our sales person was also very nice."
Rick & Tammy Remaly,
Manteno, IL

"We are really happy with our system. My white socks are much whiter and cleaner and I don't have to use bleach anymore."
James Richards,
Joliet, IL

Toll Free Phone: 877-787-4390
Email: info@AQUAtiva.com

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