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How much time do you spend each month scrubbing and scraping the bathtub ring, the toilet bowl, and the shower tiles? And how much are you spending each month on all of your cleaning supplies? Studies show that roughly 20% of what we spend at the "grocery store" is not on "groceries" at all - they are cleaning products! Laundry detergent, fabric softener, bar soap, dish soap and powder, shampoo, conditioners, hand and body lotions, bathroom cleansers, household cleaners…the list goes on and on. Have you read the warning labels on these expensive products?

It doesn't have to be that way!

AQUAtiva treated water frees up both your time and your money. You can use simple, natural cleaners throughout your home, and use much less of them. Soap scum in the bathtub and shower doors is dramatically reduced, as are spots and streaks on your dishes. Instead of a Saturday afternoon spent scrubbing and scraping - while breathing harsh fumes - you'll be spending it with your family, because just a light wipe will get most things sparkling clean! Doesn't that make more sense?

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  Here are the Facts

According to an Ohio State University study, you could cut your time spent cleaning by 1/3 when you have treated water in your home. Over the course of the year, you could save over 10 full time workdays a year in scrubbing and cleaning!

The Consumer Expenditures & Income Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 17-21% of the average family's weekly "food bill" is in cleaning supplies! If you spend $100 a week at the grocery store, that means you could be spending over $1,000 EACH YEAR just on harsh chemicals and other cleaning supplies!

  What people are saying about AQUAtiva
"We love our AQUAtiva system because, we have no more rust stains, and use less cleaning supplies."
Russell & Karen Andersen,
Manteno, IL

"With our AQUAtiva system we have no more soap scum, and don't use as much soap."
Earl & Joan Doud,
Momence, IL

"I really like my AQUAtiva system. Since I have been using our AQUAtiva system I have noticed everything is a lot cleaner."
Norm Grimsley,
Aroma Park, IL

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Email: info@AQUAtiva.com

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