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Broadway Dental, Inc. specializes in offering a wide array of crown and bridge related products.  These range from single esthetic porcelain veneers to full mouth reconstructions involving implants, telescopic copings, interlocks, and precision attachments.  Assistance with case design is available and is strongly encouraged on large cases.  Please click on the links below for more specific information.   

Metal Ceramics

Porcelain fused to metal restorations have been the standard in our industry for many years.  With literally hundreds of combinations of metal and porcelain to choose from, the process of selecting the right one can be daunting at best. We are constantly evaluating new materials and techniques to keep our laboratory on the cutting edge of dental technology. Our clients can be assured that we will only use the finest materials available to fabricate our restorations. The various types of porcelain to metal crowns that we are currently using are listed below.






GC Initial Ceramic fused to a white high noble alloy - Using GC's MC ceramic material and Dentsply-Ceramco's Ultra Crown SF.  This is our standard combination for most metal ceramic applications. The GC Initial system consists of six different ceramics in one integrated product line with one color scheme, which can create metal-ceramic restorations all the way to pressable full ceramics.  This makes it the ideal material for clinical situations which require cross-matching different types of restorations.  The material is easily polished if necessary.

The GC Initial ceramic is based on the structural form of nature and made of the highest quality.  This means the optical properties of the restoration, such as diffuse reflection, fluorescence, opalescence, and translucency mimic those of the natural tooth. Whatever the indication, you will receive a beautiful and lifelike multi-chromatic crown that will satisfy the esthetic needs of the patient. 

Porcelain to Semi-Precious -

GES Crowns - The Gramm Electroforming System is an electromechanical process of manufacturing gold frameworks.  It makes use of a pure 24 karat gold as a basis for this process providing the highest degree of biocompatibility and esthetics.

Dental Alloys - click here to learn about our dental alloys.


Pressable Ceramics


We all know and recognize the name Empress®.  IPS Empress® established itself as the standard for pressable systems some 15 years ago.  We have used different pressables over the years, but have found ourselves coming back to Empress® with the introduction of the IPS e.max® material.  For the first time, Ivoclar Vivadent has been able to combine the strength of lithium disilicate with the translucency needed to produce highly esthetic and durable all ceramic restorations.  We are currently pressing e.max®, which can be conventionally cemented as well as bonded.                

All Pressable Ceramic restorations are returned to the doctor's office acid etched.                            

                                           Click here for tips and preparation guide.

                                          Click here for the e.max® scientific report


We have many years of experience dealing with all of the major implant manufacturers.  We are familiar with all of their components and can assist in case design if needed.  Free estimates on complicated cases can also be provided.  If you would like further information on a specific implant, please click on the links below.

Biomet 3i™ 

Nobel Biocare™

Zimmer Dental 


Keystone Dental






                                            Click here for torque recommendations


Straumann® CARES® (Computer Assisted Restrorative Solutions)

In November of 2005, Broadway Dental, Inc. became the second dental laboratory in the country to purchase the  ES1 Laser scanner from Etkon USA, a little known company out of Arlington, Texas.  Rapid growth and product development lead to the acquisition of Etkon by Straumann in early 2007.  We are very proud to be a partner of the Straumann® Cares® digital solutions team.  The addition of the brand new Straumann Cares® CS2 scanner will allow us to offer a wide range of restorative options. 






Laser-Scanning Technology - The CS2 scans a single die in less than 30 seconds and a master model in less than 3 minutes for incomparable accuracy.  Employing 3-D laser technology, it not only scans the prepared die, but is also capable of recording the adjacent teeth and bite registrations to use as the opposing dentition.

Straumann® Cares® Visual Software - The software has automatic design proposal which enables rapid fabrication of crown and bridge frameworks and also provides the ability to set individual parameters, such as a cement gap spacer and coping wall thickness.                                                                                  

Production Technology - After scanning in the lab, the files are sent via the internet to the Straumann production center, where they use state-of-the-art CAM processing.




When one hears the term Procera, you immediately think of an all ceramic alumina reinforced single crown, but it is so much more.  As a member of the Procera Lab Network, we can offer a full complement of services including: alumina and zirconia crowns, custom zirconia and titanium abutments, and milled titanium implant bridges as well as milled bars with various attachments for over-dentures.






Procera Crowns - Available in alumina with a strength of approximately 700 MPA, it is indicated for single crowns in the anterior or premolar area.  It is extremely esthetic and biocompatible and has 10 years of clinical documentation.  Also available in zirconia with a strength of approximately 1100 MPA, which makes it appropriate for any location in the mouth.  It too is very esthetic and biocompatible. Both types of crowns offer the ease of conventional cementation, however temporary cement should never be used. As with any all ceramic crown, discretion should be exercised when choosing these types of restorations for patients with heavy bruxism habits or severe periodontal issues.

Procera Implant Bridges - Precision milled from a solid piece of titanium, Procera Implant Bridges (PIB) are available in several different design configurations to receive a variety of veneering materials such as denture teeth and acrylic, composite or porcelain (currently N/A).  The titanium frame is biocompatible, exceptionally strong and lightweight and free from distortions and defects.  It can be milled in the following platform options:  all Nobel Branemark and Nobel Replace and Straumann 4.8 mm and 6.5 mm implant systems.


Precision Attachments

The use of attachments in crown and bridge cases has decreased somewhat over the years, due mainly to the overwhelming success of dental implants.  Although we have experience with most major attachments available, we choose to keep it simple by working with only a couple of the basic designs.





Sterngold Stern Latch - A rigid intracoronal precision slide attachment with two sources of retention: friction between the male and female and a gingival latch that clicks over a dimple in the female.  The Stern Latch is indicated for non-resilient bilateral and unilateral partial dentures, cross arch stabilization for unilateral partials and segmented fixed bridgework.

Sterngold ERA-RV - An extracoronal semi-precision attachment utilizing a universal hinge with vertical resiliency.  The nylon males are color coded for four levels of retention, lightest to strongest: white, orange, blue and grey.  The plastic female pattern is cast in an appropriate alloy for proper strength.  An optional metal jacket is available for the nylon male.  Indicated for a semi-precision resilient partial denture design.

Sterngold Hader Bar - A semi-precision bar attachment utilizing a nylon rider available in two retentive strengths, yellow (normal) and red (heavy).  An optional Hader metal housing can be polymerized into the denture acrylic.  The Hader Bar attachment can be used to retain partial dentures, overdentures and to splint implant abutments just to name a few.

Bredent VKS-SG - A horizontal ball attachment used for combining fixed bridgework with removable and overdentures.  It is available in two sizes, 1.7 and 2.2 mm.  It is available in many different variations for a wide array of indications.

Dovetail and Tube Lock - Intracoronal semi-precision slide attachments that rely on frictional retention that is not adjustable.  They are primarily used for segmenting.


Light-cured GRADIA® is a leading esthetic indirect restoration system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers.  Its unsurpassed durability, natural opalescence and excellent lifelike esthetics are the products of GC's innovative hybrid micro-fine ceramic/pre-polymer filler with a urethane dimethacrylate matrix to produce a superior ceramic composite with exceptionally high strength, wear resistance and superior polishability.  GRADIA® is biocompatible and kind to opposing dentition.

Laser Welding

Coming soon.



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