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Dental Alloys


Type Name Manufacturer Composition Indication

High Noble Yellow


Bio PontoStar®
Dentsply Prosthetics

Au 87%       

Pt 11%

Trace Elements of

Zn, Rh, Mn, Ta

Silver Free

Single Units

High Noble White


UltraCrown SF
Dentsply Prosthetics

Au 65%    

Pd 26%

Trace Elements of

In, Ga, Ru, Sn

Silver Free

Singles, Bridgework, Implants

High Noble

(Crown & Bridge)

Ney-Oro B-2
Dentsply Prosthetics

Au 74%

Ag 11.5%

Pd 4%

Full Cast Crowns & Inlays



Pors-On™ Lite
Dentsply Prosthetics

Pd 61%

Ag 26%

Trace Elements of

Sn, In, Zn, Ru

Singles, Bridgework


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