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AQUAtiva Spectra Twin
with Chlorigon
"The one-two punch for problem water!"

We are passionate about your water. Other than the air we breathe, there is nothing more important to our survival and ongoing quality of life than the water we drink and use. The result of our passion and research is AQUAtivaT.

An Unlimited Supply of "Water at its Best!"
The AQUAtivaT Spectra Twin with Chlorigon provides you and your
family with an unlimited supply of water without lime and hard water problems, while the Chlorigon filter removes
chlorine, chloramine, and other unwanted tastes and odors. The Spectra Twin independent mineral tanks provide a continuous flow of the highest quality water-when one tank is full, the second tank does the job while the first tank is regenerated. The

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AQUAtivaT Spectra Twin is also available as the Spectra Twin MAX for larger families or light commercial and industrial use.

With AQUAtivaT Spectra Twin, you will enjoy many benefits!

  • Use less detergent and soaps!
  • Whiter, brighter clothes!
  • Sparkling "spot-free" dishes!
  • Softer and smoother-feeling skin!
  • No lime or hard water build-up on tubs, showers and fixtures!

AQUAtivaT Spectra Twin Meter and Control Valve
Always operating at maximum efficiency, using 100% of the mixed media bed of the tank in service before switching to the second tank, for continuous quality soft water with no regeneration downtime. This saves you both salt and water costs!

AQUAtivaT Chlorigon Filter
A single teaspoon of activated carbon has the surface area of an entire football field! The Chlorigon Filter removes tastes, odors and greatly reduces and often eliminates chlorine and chloramine in your water.

How does AQUAtivaT work?

  • Step 1- AQUAtivaT Chlorigon Filter reduces chlorine and chloramine for taste and odor removal.
  • Step 2- AQUAtivaT Resin softens the water by removing calcium, magnesium, and iron
  • Step 3- AQUAtivaT Fine Mesh Resin "hypersoftens" by removing  the remainder of all calcium, magnesium and iron up to 3 parts per million.
  • Step 4- Flint evenly distributes brine during regeneration.
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